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Man’s Worship Consist of Two Aspects


Man‘s worship consists of two aspects.

  • One is implicit and concerns reflection and consciousness.
  • The other is visible prayer, done in direct supplication in the presence of God.


The first aspect is that man confirms submissively the Sovereignty of His Lordship over the creation, and observes in amazement the works of His Beauty and Perfection.

He then draws the attention of his fellow beings to the intricate, ornamented works of art that consist in the manifestations of the sacred Divine Names. He also measures in ‘units’ of due perception and discernment the gems of the Lord’s Names, each of which is a hidden spiritual treasure, and evaluates them with grateful appreciation of heart.

Then he makes a close study of the pages of creation, the sheets of heavens and earth, each of which is a missive of Divine Power, and contemplates them in great admiration.

Afterwards, as he gazes in amazement and admiration upon the subtle ornamentation and refined skills in creation, he ardently desires to know their Beautiful Creator and yearns to enter His Presence, where he hopes to be received into His favor.


The second aspect is that man turns towards his Majestic Creator, Who wants Himself to be known through the miracles of His artistry. The man unburdens himself to Him in sincere belief and tries to acquire knowledge of Him.

Then he discerns that a Compassionate Lord wants Himself to be loved through the beautiful fruits of His Compassion. In response, he makes himself loved by Him by devoting his love and adoration to Him.

He also sees that a Generous Provider nourishes him with the best and dearest of His material and spiritual favors. He responds to Him with gratitude and praise, expressed through all his works, deeds, lifestyle and, if possible, all his senses and faculties.

He then observes that a Lord of Beauty and Majesty manifests Himself in the mirror of beings, and draws attentions to His Glory and Perfection, and His Majesty and Beauty. So he says in response, ‘God is the Greatest! Glory be to God!’ and he prostrates before Him in wonder and adoration.

He also notices that One of Absolute Riches displays His limitless wealth and treasuries in an infinitely generous fashion. In response to this, he glorifies and praises Him and, displaying his need, he asks Him for His favors.

Then he observes that the Majestic Creator has arranged the earth like an exhibition, where He is displaying all His matchless works. He too appreciates them in response, and says, ‘What wonders God has willed and created!’, confirms their beauty and says, ‘God bless them!’, shows his wonder and says, ‘Glory be to God!’, and expresses his admiration saying, ‘God is the Greatest!’

Also, he sees that the Unique One demonstrates His Oneness in the whole of the creation through His particular signs and His peculiar decrees, and also His inimitable stamps and seals which He has put on each one of His creatures. He inscribes on everything the signs of His Oneness, and raises throughout the world the flag of His Unity, thus proclaiming His Lordship. To this the man responds with belief, affirmation, admission of, and testimony to, His Unity and with devotion and sincere worship.

By all such types of worship and reflection man may attain true humanity. He may demonstrate that he is the best pattern of creation, and through the grace of faith, become a trustworthy vicegerent of God on earth.

Now, O heedless man, who goes in the direction of the lowest of the low by misusing his will, although he has been created as the best pattern of the creation, listen to me! In order to see how ugly the face of the world is which turns toward passions and desires, and, by contrast, how extraordinarily beautiful is its other face which turns towards the Hereafter, you may have a look at the ‘Tables’ given below.


This article has been adapted from Risale- i Nur Collection.