His character and person, the Sharia, splitting the moon and Mi‘raj (Ascension)


SEVENTEENTH SIGN: After the Qur’an, the Messenger’s greatest miracle is his character and person, his moral example. Friend and foe alike agree that he possessed the highest level of all moral virtues. ‘Ali, a man of the greatest bravery, repeatedly said: “In the fiercest phases of fighting we would withdraw into the stronghold of God’s Messenger and take refuge behind him.” Likewise, he possessed all laudable characteristics to the highest degree. For this greatest miracle, we refer readers to Qadi ‘Iyad’s Shifa’ al-Sharif, which beautifully explains and proves the Prophet’s miraculous moral character.

Another great miracle, also affirmed by friend and foe, is his supreme Sacred Law (the Sharia), the like of which never came before and will never come again. For a partial explanation of this supreme miracle, consult our writings, especially the 33 Words, 33 Letters, 31 Gleams, and 13 Rays.

One of the Messenger’s certain and mutawatir miracles is splitting the moon by a gesture of his index finger. This miracle, reported by some of the foremost Companions (e.g., Ibn al-Mas‘ud, Ibn ‘Abbas, Ibn ‘Umar, Imam ‘Ali, Anas, and Khudayfa), was proclaimed to the world by: The Hour is near, and the moon split (54:1). The stubborn Qurayshi polytheists did not contradict the news, but claimed that it was magic. Thus even unbelievers testify to its occurrence. His Mi‘raj (Ascension) is a still greater miracle shown to the heavens’ inhabitants. Readers can refer to the Treatise of the Mi‘raj, a short part of which appears at the end of this treatise as an appendix. We will mention another miracle that the Prophet worked in connection with the Mi‘raj.

When God’s Messenger informed the Quraysh of this event, they refused to believe him, saying: “If you actually traveled to the Masjid al-Aqsa in Jerusalem, as you claim, describe its doors and walls.” God’s Messenger would later say: “I was annoyed by their question and denial in a way that had never happened to me before. Suddenly, God lifted the veil between me and Bayt al-Maqdis (Masjid al-Aqsa) and showed it to me. I looked at it and described it as it stood before my eyes.”322 Thus the Quraysh realized that God’s Messenger was giving the correct and complete description.

In addition, God’s Messenger told them: “During my journey I saw one of your caravans. It will arrive here tomorrow at such and such a time.” The Quraysh waited for its arrival at the promised time. It seems the caravan was about to be delayed by about an hour. In order for the Prophet’s word to be proved true, Earth did not rotate for one hour.323 This is confirmed by meticulous researchers.

Considering that Earth stopped rotating to confirm Prophet Muhammad’s words, and that the sun witnessed this by its apparent rest in the sky, just imagine how vast is the misfortune of those who do not confirm and follow such a person, and how vast is the good fortune of those who respond: “We have heard and obeyed” and proclaim: “Thanks be to God for belief and Islam.”

Said Nursi

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