The First Chapter



Fruits of Belief


This is the response of the Risale-i Nur to heresy and absolute unbelief. It is our true defense in this incarceration of ours, for it is this and this alone which occupies us here. This treatise is a fruit and souvenir from Denizli Prison, and the product of two Fridays.

Said Nursi


In the Name of God, the All-Merciful, the All-Compassionate.

So he remained in prison for some years more (12:42).


ACCORDING TO THE MEANING OF THIS VERSE, PROPHET JOSEPH, UPON him be peace, is the patron-saint or guide of prisoners: prison may be seen to be a kind of “School of Joseph.” Since this is the second time that students of the Risale-i Nur have been

sent to prison, it is necessary to study and teach in this school a number of matters connected with imprisonment, which are explained by the Risale-i Nur. In the hope that we may benefit from them thoroughly, we will explain five or six of those matters in brief.

Said Nursi