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Said Nursi


By Lambert M. Surhone



High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! Said Nursi, (1878 - March 23, 1960) is an Islamic scholar who wrote Risale-i Nur Collection, a body of Qur'anic commentary exceeding six thousand pages. He is commonly known as Bediuzzaman, which means "the wonder of the age."Due to his fame as a scholar, he was invited by the governor of the Van Province to stay within his residency. In the governor's library, Nursi gained access to an archive of scientific knowledge he had not had access to previously. Moreover, Said learned proper Turkish there. During this time, he developed a plan for university education for the Eastern provinces of the Ottoman Empire. By combining scientific and religious (Islamic) education, the university was expected to advance the philosophical thoughts of these regions.


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Publication Date:2010-08-24

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