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Risale-i Nur in Language of Ustad Bediuzzaman


By The Pen magazine




  • “Risale-i Nur is in the position of mujaddid in respect to revival of religion”
  • “In respect of being the interpretation of Qur’an, Risale-i Nur is an inspirational and heavenly tafseer of the Qur’an which is a dense mercy like the rain.”
  • “Risale-i Nur is guidance in this age
  • “It is a truth of the Qur’an that will engage this age and the future with itself and it is a diamond sword in hands of people of belief.”
  • “Risale-i Nur is a genuine interpretation of Qur’an and an interpreter of its truth and a proof of its issues.”
  • “Risale-i Nur is directly a clear proof and a profound interpretation and a bright flash of spiritual miraculousness of Qur’an and it is a drop of that sea and a ray of that sun and a spiritual interpretation which is inspired by that source of knowledge of truth and which takes its source its abundance.”
  • “Risale-i Nur is a guide which causes you gain the strong belief that can be gained in fifteen years in respect to truths of belief, in fifteen weeks, perhaps fifteen days and for the talented ones in fifteen hours”
    • “Since Risale-i Nur is the explanation of truths of belief, it is both knowledge, and ma’rifatullah (to know about Allah) and worship.”
    • “The truths of Risale-i Nur are important headstones of security of this country and nation.”


  • Risale-i Nur is like a ship which carries the ummah of Muhammad (pbuh) to the safe seashore.

In this context, it is a global presentation, invitation and guidance movement.

  • Risale-i Nur gets inspired only by Qur’an, and it expresses Islam in the logic of this age.

For this reason, it is a revival movement.

  • Risale-i Nur is a cause which defends and enlivens the truths of Qur’an and the illustrious practices of prophet and struggles against bid’as (renovations) and the successor of the prophet.

Thus, it is a service of Qur’an and Sunnah.

  • Risale-i Nur aims to enliven the spiritual values, perspective, essence and spirit of Islamic civilization.

Therefore, it is a project of construction of a civilization.

  • Risale-i Nur is a genuine and spiritual interpretation of Qur’an which contains the convincing and acceptable answers against all evils and misgivings of the time.

So, it is a clear mercy and comforter for the people of this age.

  • Risale-i Nur calls its students to be “the closest friend, the most sacrificing companion, the most appreciative comrade, the noblest brother” and it imposes the principle of “annihilation in brotherhood”

Therefore, Risale-i Nur is a great brotherhood movement which trains the little brothers of companions.

  • Risale-i Nur trains the souls subjected to the fitnas of the end of time, satisfies the hearts, matures the spirits and convinces the minds.

In this conjuncture, Risale-i Nur is a Qur’anic movement of amendment.

  • Risale-i Nur aims and shows both establishing tawheed in the hearts and assuring the unity and solidarity of those hearts believing in tawheed.

Therefore, Risale-i Nur is a movement of unity and solidarity.

  • Risale-i Nur is compiled neither with the knowledge of the east nor with the science of the west only. It was written by benefiting from the Qur’an directly.

In this respect, Risale-i Nur is a blessed, spiritual bridge which conveys its students to Allah (SWT), the Qur’an, Rasulullah (ASW) and the Sunnah

“Risale-i Nur amends, doesn’t spoil; does improve, doesn’t destroy; does make blissful, doesn’t upset”

Valuable friends, honourable guests,

I hope this symposium will enable us with new horizons in our blessed and holy journey and give strength to our sublime and lofty cause.

I greet you all with my deepest respect, regards and love.